Metro Remittance Agents

Metro Remittance Agents

October 31, 2014

Metro Remittance has started reaching out to its clients through the establishment of Authorized Agents in various parts of Japan. Clients can now visit the authorized agents, which are usually Filipino Stores, to send money to their beneficiaries in the Philippines online. Cash Pick-up Anywhere, Credit to Metrobank Account and Credit to Other Philippine Banks can all be accepted by the authorized agents.

Sending money will be more convenient to clients since the operation hours of authorized agents are longer and most are open during weekends and holidays (Metro remittance closes on Saturdays and national holidays). Clients will also be able to enjoy actual preferential exchange rates offered by Metro Remittance.

The remittance charges for the authorized agent are very competitive although slightly higher. This is due to the additional operation cost that is incurred in offering the premium remittance service.

Metro Remittance Authorized Agent Table of Charges
Remittance Amount Charge
\1 - \30,000 \1,000
\30,001 - \50,000 \1,200
\50,001 - \100,000 \1,500
\100,001 - \250,000 \1,800
\250,001 - \500,000 \2,500
\500,001 - \1,000,000 \3,000

Metro Remittance will continue to expand its network of authorized agents in order to offer the premium remittance service.

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