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About Metro Remittance (Japan) Co., Ltd.
1. Is Metro Remittance a branch of Metrobank Philippines?
Metro Remittance is not a bank or a branch of Metrobank Philippines but a subsidiary. Metro Remittance is a company owned by Metrobank Philippines created to focus on providing the best innovative remittance service in Japan.

2. Can I open an account with Metro Remittance?
Metro Remittance does not offer or accept any kind of deposit from customers. Its services are mainly about international money transfer.

3. How do I become a member?
Membership may be through online registration, post mail or over-the-counter.

4. What are the requirements to become a member?
Foreign residents are required to present their Residence Card and My Number Card. Japanese nationals can present Driver’s License, Passport or Health Insurance Card and My Number Card.

About Sending Money
1. Can I send money even if I am not a member?
Only members can avail the services of Metro Remittance.

2. How long should I wait before I can send money?
Sending of money may be done immediately upon receipt of the Member’s Card. Delivery of the Member’s Card from online registrations and post mail is usually 3 days from processing.

About Exchange Rates and Charges
1. How would I know the exchange rates to be used on my remittance?
The prevailing exchange rate at the time of processing of transaction shall be used. The prevailing exchange rate of the business day is posted at the homepage of Metro Remittance and this may change anytime without prior notice depending on the market trend or fluctuation.

2. How would I know the charge that is due for my remittance?
Details about the applicable charge on a remittance amount may be found in the Home>Charge and Exchange Rate>Remittance Charge.

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